Turns out Gigi Hadid wasn’t a big One Direction fan (sorry Zayn)

While we got to know Zayn Malik best from One Direction, it seems like his solo career is what his new girlfriend paid the most attention to. Gigi Hadid admitted she wasn’t a One Direction fan when the band was hitting the charts, but did add that she’s absolutely loving the “direction” of Malik’s solo career.

Hadid came clean about her musical preference during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She’s got a pretty solid excuse for missing out on Malik’s rise to success, as well — since her stepfather, David Foster, is a producer, she grew up listening to classical music instead. In fact, if she were dating Josh Groban, she’d pretty much know his entire musical catalog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-rGslgZwMY

"I think we can all name a One Direction song that we like," Hadid said as she tried to recover from Kimmel's original question.

Hadid also talked about her famous Mom, as well — she appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was mostly to boost her upcoming hosting gig — Hadid will be co-hosting the 2016 American Music Awards with ex-Saturday Night Live castmember Jay Pharoah.

As for Hadid, this will be the first American awards show she’s helped to host. So, as expected, nerves are a bit high.

"I'm excited, a little nervous, but I think that's important. If I'm nervous until rehearsal, that's good, and if I'm nervous after rehearsal, I don't know if that's as good," Hadid explained in an interview with Billboard. "I usually just try and have a good rehearsal and have it be positive and fun, but also get out the kinks that you're worried about, because then you can just have fun."

The show will air on November 20th, and we know Gigi Hadid will do a fantastic job! We’re sure that Zayn will be impressed. (And we’re sure the other One Direction bandmates will be supportive of the cool gig.)

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