We just learned of a very important use for our Victoria’s Secret perfume

Summer is here, and we’re stocking up on the essentials: sunscreen, a bathing suit, and… Bombshell perfume by Victoria’s Secret? Hear us out: According to researchers from New Mexico State University, when used in high concentrations, the fragrance can repel mosquitoesWith the Zika virus reportedly spreading, protecting ourselves from mosquito bites has been on the brain — and if wearing this perfume helps us out, we’re definitely intruiged.

In a study, researchers tested out seven commercial insect repellants, two fragrances, and a patch. The winners were the products that contained DEET or lemon eucalyptus oil, but still, Bombshell held its own.

“We tested VS Bombshell because one of our test subjects had gotten it as a birthday present, so it was a completely random pick,” said Immo Hansen, associate professor at NMSU. “Since it smells flowery and sweet, we thought that it would attract mosquitoes, but the reverse was true.”

In the end, Bombshell kept the mosquitoes away for about two hours. Kind of crazy, right? It’s the best of both worlds: It smells great AND keeps the bugs away. But Hansen doesn’t recommend relying on the fragrance alone as an insect repellent, and instead suggests using a repellant that contains either DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus. There’s also the cost factor: A bottle of Bombshell costs $52, while regular bug repellant is more in the neighborhood of $5.

“I would not recommend the use of perfume or alternative products as insect repellent,” echoes Dr. Richard Pollack, a public health entomologist at Harvard. “If the intent is to reduce the extend of annoyance or risk of infection posed by mosquitoes, then it would be wise to rely upon products that have a proven track record of safety and efficacy.”

Still, it’s nice to know that we don’t have to completely avoid perfume in the summer. Usually we err on the lighter side or skip it altogether so we don’t attract mosquitoes. But now, we think we’ve found our signature summer scent!

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