Turns out, Ariel Winter looks amazing as a blonde

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love actress Ariel Winter, and for good reason: Not only is she a gifted performer, but the young actress is also an outspoken advocate for the body positive movement. Body positivity, in essence, comes down to embracing your body and appearance, flaws and all, especially in the face of the sometimes crippling and limiting ideals of beauty we tend to see in our society. As a young actress, Winter inspires countless other young women in pursuit of their own self-love and self-acceptance. What can be better than that?

In a recent shot Winter shared on her Instagram, we see her rocking a sheer black, lacy dress — and also wearing a blonde wig. Check out the picture for yourself, below:


As Winter states in her caption, it appears that this is a “secret” behind the scenes shot from a photo shoot that hasn’t been released yet. While we don’t know the total story behind the photo shoot, we know one thing for sure: Winter is a beauty and inspiration inside and out, and we totally admire her body positivity and self-love. We notice, too, that Winters is not immune to the hate and criticism she gets about her body and body positivity, but instead returns only love and forgiveness, as she explains in this Instagram post:


Get it, girl!

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