Here’s how to use turmeric to whiten your teeth

News flash: Turmeric can actually whiten your teeth. Say goodbye to oil pulling forever!

Blogger Farah Dhukai showed us an ingenious way to use turmeric to actually whiten your teeth on her Instagram.

It looks so easy, we’re feeling inspired to try it ourselves!

Here’s how it’s done. First, you mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with a pinch of the yellow spice in a bowl to make a paste. Then, you brush the mixture on your teeth with a toothbrush. Let it sit five minutes, and voilà! Your teeth will be instantly brighter, Farah claims.

According to Cosmopolitan, however, you’ll need to do the treatment a few times before you see noticeable results. The reason? The pigmented spice removes plaque, which discolors your teeth. The herb also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s great for your dental hygiene. (Not to mention, it’s way less harsh than the bleaches in commercial teeth whiteners.)

And finally, turmeric is even proven to help prevent dental disease. What more reason do you need to try this DIY immediately?!

The only drawback: Turmeric will turn your toothbrush yellow. So maybe use a separate toothbrush for this.

If you love this DIY trick, there’s more where that came from. Farah’s feed is filled with natural home beauty treatments, including lip tinting and hair masks. Check them out!

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