The Amazing Power of a Good Red Lipstick

Red lips are one of my favorite makeup obsessions. They look great with everything and really make a statement that transcends fashion, enhancing your mood. I know I’m not alone in my beauty fixation. So, I asked one of my colleagues, makeup artist Robin Glaser, to share her favorite red lipstick story. Here’s what she had to say:

A few years ago I slumped into my therapists office, feeling very ‘woe is me’.  Her first question for me: “Do you have a red lipstick?”

I looked up and said “Ruby Woo!”

She asked me to wear it every day for a week and report back. I went home, found my lipstick and dutifully applied it every day. I felt silly but empowered. It became my good luck charm during a rough time.

Cut to years later when I met my wife’s grandmother, Tuppy.  She is 102 years old, from Iran, and doesn’t speak a ton of English.  When I met her she had a tube of lipstick next to her bed.  I smiled and pointed to it.

“Ruby Woooooo!” Her eyes sparkled as she said the name.

I was in.

Since then Tuppy has had some good years but is starting to fade. She seems ready to hang up her pearls. She no longer is able to read sassy autobiographies like I’m With The Band.  She no longer sneaks Dove bars or sips Chambord from a shot glass. She does however think she is royalty and still tells us about her millions. We could never correct her.

My love for Tuppy is as strong as the power of a good red lipstick, and that is a strong bond. 

To apply M.A.C’s Ruby Woo Matte lipstick, blot lips with a tissue. Then, apply the lipstick directly on to the lips. Don’t be shy! You really have to go for it! It may take a little practice, but done right, you won’t need a lip liner.