This Tumblr is an ode to teen movie bedrooms and we love it

Real talk: One of the greatest unrecognized works of art in existence is teen’s bedrooms in movies. Who wouldn’t love being surrounded by the often eclectic mix of pop culture posters and offbeat knick-knacks that make up the sanctuaries of their favorite characters? Whether a character was prim and proper or rebellious and edgy, movie bedrooms are a key part of who they are. And finally, someone has made teen movie bedrooms the tribute they deserve.

Tumblr user timebombtown runs Teenage Bedrooms on Screen, a collection of screenshots of teens’ rooms from TV and film. They’ve pulled together stills from films as wide-ranging as Rebel Without A Cause to Easy A, including cult classics (Rock ‘n’ Roll High School) and mainstream favorites (American Pie). Even Frozen makes an appearance!

A lot of these are a total trip down memory lane, reminding us of what we wished our rooms could be when we were kids. Who didn’t drool over the amazing bedrooms in Cruel Intentions or Labyrinth? Although we weren’t able to recreate the amazing design, at least now we can really scope out the details that make these rooms awesome!


A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Beat Girl

Cruel Intentions

Bring It On

Edward Scissorhands

Lake Mungo

The Lovely Bones



The Princess Diaries

Ghost World

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