This Tumblr is shattering stereotypes about scientists, one fashion statement at a time

When you think “scientist,” the first thing you think of probably isn’t “fashion icon.” In fact, if you buy into the myth that scientists are too busy doing research and making breakthroughs to worry about how they look, “fashionable” is probably the LAST adjective you’d throw out if asked to word-associate “scientist.”

That said, unsurprisingly there are actually lot of scientists out there whose wardrobes are very much on point. To showcase these ladies and gentlemen who have both big brains and big style, 24-year-old PhD student Sophie Powell and 31-year-old professor Dr. Sam Illingworth co-created the Tumblr “Sartorial Science.” And it’s our new fave.

Powell and Illingworth could not be a more perfect pair to prove that scientists can be stylish, too. Powell can drop a Rockstud reference with the best of the fashionistas, whereas Illingworth’s style inspo comes from Bill Nye The Science Guy. (We’re also getting major Matt Smith as The Doctor vibes, a fashion compliment if ever there was one.)

When the two opened submissions for “fashion fabulousness” of the science variety, they were thrilled to find that they were in good company re: their nerdy love for both science and the sartorial.

“From talking to other scientists we knew that we were not alone,” Illingworth told Buzzfeed, “and we wanted to create this blog as an opportunity for other like-minded scientists to share their own fashion influences in an accessible and fun manner.”

For Illingworth and Powell, it’s about more than just geeking out over clothes with fellow scientists and researchers. It’s also about showing the world that scientists are a diverse and fascinating bunch.

“We also want it to be a celebration of the fact that scientists are fantastic people with a wide variety of interests, and that they do not at all conform to the stereotypical images of old Caucasian men in lab coats and safety goggles,” Illingworth explained. “Hopefully the blog will help to show the general public that scientists are real people too.”

Not only does the pair want to disrupt the way the world sees scientists, they also want to shake up how scientists view each other.

“I often feel that I won’t get taken seriously in science if I put too much effort into the way I look,” Powell told Buzzfeed. “It would be great to change the stereotype of what a ‘good scientist’ looks like to other academics.”

To check out all the stylish scientists (and, if your fashion-y/science-y yourself and want to submit), head over to Sartorial Science.

There’s a cafe that’s just for young women in science. Brilliant.

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