Here are the best Tumblr posts about “Look What You Made Me Do” that Taylor Swift has personally liked

Fans of Taylor Swift were pretty disappointed the pop star didn’t make it to the VMA premiere of her latest music video “Look What You Made Me Do,” but that didn’t stop them from flooding Tumblr with their thoughts and theories. And it looks like Taylor has “liked” a number of Tumblr posts — which now leaves us wondering if every “like” was a secret confirmation of the theory’s accuracy?

Recent Tumblr spree aside, Taylor has been quiet on social media with the exception of promoting her upcoming album. Also, she has yet to publicly address the references in the new video, so many think this could actually be her way of doing so. Or maybe Swift just really *likes* the support and love her Swifties were sending her way.

We’re not sure what Taylor’s “Look What You Made Me Do” Tumblr likes mean, BUT we’ve gathered the most interesting ones for you to decide for yourselves!

This user seems to have articulated how Taylor feels about all the drama. false

Another commented on the symbolism of the car crash scene in the video.

User @outoftheswoods crafted the perfect theory about The Real Taylor vs. The Fake Taylors end scene. false

@Abbeyejo thinks Taylor has definitely grown. false

Another fan thinks Taylor might be finally ready to own it!

This fan took a moment to acknowledge Taylor’s genius creative choices.

It’s really cool to see how Taylor’s fans have analyzed and theorized every detail of “Look What You Made Me Do” — talk about dedication! While we still aren’t sure what any of it means, we love the way Swift continues to interact with her fans…even if it is through cryptic Tumblr likes.

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