This school invited Tom Hanks to their homecoming, and he said YES

Tom Hanks is a special breed of magic. Any movie he touches or graces with his face automatically achieves instant-classic status; it’s just a fact of life. The students at Kerman High School in California agree. In fact, they’re such big fans of Tom Hanks movies, they made it their homecoming theme. No Great Gatsby or Casino Night for these kids!

They even extended an invite to the actor himself, and have been publicizing their cause on social media. They’ve created a Twitter account, Instagram page and hashtag for the cause: #TomHanks2KermanHC. You have to admire their perseverance.

“Our homecoming is huge. It’s a small town, about 14,000 people,” Margaret Nichols, the school’s Assistant Principal told ABC News. “Homecoming is a huge event for our whole community so each year we pick a theme. This year it’s Tom Hanks movies. And then everyone thought, ‘Well, let’s try to get him here.’”

The students are clearly big Hanks fans. “Life is like a box of chocolates,” one student said, “and it will be even sweeter if you come to Kerman’s homecoming.”

“There’s no crying in baseball,” said another, “but there will be some crying in Kerman if you don’t show up to homecoming.”

Well, Kerman High School, ask and you shall receive! Tom Hanks acknowledged their request, and is surely cooking up something fun.

We’re pretty into the idea of a Tom Hanks-themed homecoming. It lends itself to so many different executions. Heck, you could have an entire homecoming based around just Tom Hanks + Meg Ryan movies. Kudos to the actor for indulging the students!

(Images via Instagram and Twitter)