This real life superhero teaches science in a Spider-Man suit

Attending a university can be one of the most challenging experiences of any young person’s life. Between deadlines, hours spent studying,  and classes that drag on for days, it’s easy to experience burn-out. Not to mention you have to remember to feed yourself! But, despite all that, one caring professor can make all the difference. Moisés Vázquez, a college professor from Mexico City, strives to brighten the lives of his students by coming to class as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

And in doing so, he inspires all of us to be a little braver in our own lives, which is basically what a superhero does

The twenty-seven-year old’s story appears on Great Big Story. During the segment, Vázquez explained why he dresses up as the web-slinging hero on the daily.

He said, "I don’t think that being a superhero precludes teaching. On the contrary, having power isn’t a privilege but a responsibility."

Hey, didn’t Uncle Ben say something like that…?

Being the avid comic book lover that he is, Vázquez’s inspiration came after reading an issue of Spider-Man in which Peter takes up teaching. Vázquez thought to himself, “I have to do that.” But instead of being just Peter Parker, he decided to be Peter Parker as Spider-Man, naturally.

So he got a suit and began molding future scientist’s minds while keeping crime at bay.

The superhero get-up was attention grabbing at first, but now his colleagues have taken to calling him “The Spider-Man of Science.”

His students have been able to connect with him as well.

Vázquez feels that, "it's not who is doing it, but rather what is being done."

Vázquez hopes that everyone finds a way to do their work with more happiness and purpose, just like he has. You go, Spider-Man of Science!

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