Thoughts we all have while trying to keep up with New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time. Week two of the rest of 2016. A week ago we were all gearing up for a year of health, positivity and rejuvenation for ourselves. And then the weekend hit, we rediscovered our love for going out with friends, and not necessarily to the gym. The week two blues ensue. It’s got to be a common feeling: struggling to remain confident, energized and ready to keep those resolutions strong. Here are all the thoughts I had while trying to keep my resolutions.

1. I miss wine. 2. I’ll just go to the grocery store tomorrow. 3. But if I don’t go tonight, what’s my evening snack going to be? 4. How can McDonald’s get away with the 2 for $2 menu and I just spent $4 on an organic bell pepper? 5. Am I supposed to be this sore after one week of working out? 6. If I buy those cute workout leggings, I’ll definitely work out more. 7. What am I going to make for dinner? 8. How come my girlfriend is asking me to go to happy hour? Doesn’t she know the struggle of weeknight detoxing?! 9. Will I continue to have FOMO each time I turn down after-work drinks? 10. I wonder if binge-watching Making a Murderer will help convince me to go the gym. 11. Am I wheezing on the treadmill because I’m that out of shape, or I must be getting sick… right? 12. Wouldn’t I be more positive of a person if I let myself have just one glass of wine tonight? 13. How is kale seriously supposed to fill me up? 14. But again, what do I make for dinner when I’ve used all my go-to recipes? 15. All those fancy looking healthy meals on Pinterest just do not look so fancy when made by me. 16. How do people afford all these organic items every week? 17. Would it really be that bad to just order a pizza tonight? (No, pizza is always an OK answer.) 18. When is all this running going to transform me into Gigi Hadid? 19. I can’t believe my friends that can somehow “eat clean” and not drink alcohol for 30 days. 20. I secretly wish I had the willpower to do that. 21. If I save money by not eating out just one more week, can I use it to buy those new shoes? 22. How am I supposed to accomplish a workout if my gym BFF can’t make it?! 23. My fitbit can’t possibly be accurate today, right?! 24. Is it possible this new workout top is making me feel like Beyonce? 25. Life would be so much easier if research proved cheese was a superfood. 26. Wait, I’m actually kind of feeling more in shape and confident already? Is that even physically possible? 27. I think I can actually do this whole healthy thing and not hate it. 28. Is it weird I’m enjoying water over wine? 29. I didn’t feel as anxious going to the gym this time, but when will I look forward to it? 30. I guess I actually do have more energy after a week of eating healthier. 31. The comfy-ness of yoga pants and an on-point playlist are the reason I’m getting my butt to the gym. 32. Can someone pat me on the back for at least trying to be positive about this every day? 33. Resisting the leftover Christmas candy is definitely not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. 34. Working this hard all week is definitely going to make my Saturday night cocktail taste 100% better. 35. I think I can do this. 36. Will I be able to keep this up? 37. I miss wine Hang in there and keep reaching for the stars (or wine!) and soon enough you’ll be on your way to a year of crushing personal goals, no matter what they are. [Image via Universal Pictures]