Watch Lucy Hale fight for her life in the terrifying trailer for “Truth or Dare”

The absolutely terrifying trailer for Truth or Dareis here, and it will change the way you look at the simple party game. In Truth or Dare, Lucy Hale stars as Olivia, a college student whose casual game of Truth or Daretakes on a horrifying and supernatural twist. Warning: It’s legit scary! Watch with the lights on.

Truth or Dare explores what happens when Olivia’s super scary game begins to control her.

The trailer kicks off with Olivia, sitting with a group of friends (including Tyler Posey!) at a party. When one of them says something impossibly creepy, Hale realizes her friends have been inadvertently trapped inside the game they were playing. Whatever this force is, it follows the group wherever they go; it punishes them for refusing a dare, and it punishes them for lying. But who is responsible for this? And will Hale and her gorgeous eyebrows make it to the end of the game?

Truth or Dare comes from the same twisty geniuses behind Insidious and Happy Death Day, so you know it’s gonna be scary AF.

If this team made you afraid of old houses and birthdays, just imagine what they can do with a game you’ve been playing forever. The stretchy faces, the evil smiles — if the trailer doesn’t send shivers down your spine, nothing will!

Truth or Dare (in theaters April 27th) seems like the perfect way to shake up a long, dreary winter. But is that the truth, or…were we dared to say that?