The truth about figs will make you never want to eat one again (seriously, WTF)

So, here’s what we know about figs: They’re a dark, fleshy fruit with a naturally sweet flavor, but hardcore snack-lovin’ OGs know their biggest claim to fame came from the classic Nabisco’s Fig Newtons. Unfortunately, we’ve stumbled across some rather disturbing facts about figs that will make you recoil in horror and head for the nearest fig-free hills.

As it turns out, figs are comprised of wayyy more than gooey sweetness and nourishment. Seriously, we’re all for doing what it takes to maintain a balanced diet, but after finding out that figs are actually full of wasp carcasses and fertilized wasp eggs and serve as a home for some majorly twisted wasp sex (gag), we definitely just crossed them off the grocery list now and FOREVER.

Um, WTF have we been eating all these years?!


Nabisco recently dropped Figs from the name after basically claiming that figs stopped being a so-called cool fruit about 50 years ago. But with this disturbing discovery that figs are actually gross AF, we’re wondering if the brand anticipated this information getting out and spoiling the appetites of Fig Newton consumers everywhere.

If so, well played Nabisco because this botanical revelation is about as skeevy as the ingredients in a single Chicken McNugget.