Twitter is livid that Trump’s SCOTUS announcement interrupted The Bachelorette

No matter who you are, you do not come between Bachelor Nation and their Monday night viewing party. For the second time this season on The Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin and her handsome suitors were interrupted by a breaking President Trump-related announcement. This time, it was to announce Trump’s SCOTUS nomination (conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh).

While some might consider a SCOTUS nomination important enough to pause Becca’s journey to find love, Bachelor Nation was livid that Trump disrespected their Monday night ritual. And as we would expect, Twitter lost all chill.

Thankfully, The Bachelorette picked back up after Trump’s announcement and ran overtime, so we didn’t miss a moment of this week’s dramatic episode. As for Trump’s SCOTUS pick…well, that caused (and will likely continue to cause) a different kind of drama. We’re talking a lurking threat to women’s reproductive rights and other humanist precedents set by the court.

For now, let’s just let these tweets serve a lesson to anyone who ever tries to mess with Bachelorette Monday again.

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We LOVE Bachelor Nation so damn much…and so does Twitter.

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