Trump’s Twitter response to protestors was a little ambiguous, and we’re kinda confused?

It’s not exactly news that there are millions of people across America who are upset that Hillary Clinton won’t be our next president — and, honestly, livid over Donald Trump’s victory. There have even been a number of organized, anti-Trump protests and gatherings.

And, as he does Trump took to Twitter to complain about the protests…but then seemingly backtracked.

For some context, Lady GaGa staged a protest outside Trump Tower in NYC, and there have even been numerous post-election protests by high school students (not to mention larger demonstrations all over the country). And it seemed like initially Trump didn’t understand why people were taking to the streets.

Quick question, what exactly is a “professional protestor”?

Anyway, Trump seemed to completely reverse direction the following morning.

Sooooo it seems that now Trump not only doesn’t think the protesting is unfair, but he’s actively praising the participants.

Something tells us he was forced to do some major damage control after that initial post (since peaceful protesting is kind of one of those things that makes America, you know…great). And we have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

We’re so encouraged that so many people are voicing what they believe in. Because regardless of your political party, or who you wanted to win this year’s election, we can all agree that the freedom to express ourselves and our beliefs is an American right that must be encouraged and protected.

Here’s to being heard!

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