“Trumpkins” may be the creepiest Halloween decorations you’ll see this year

Halloween season often results in some of the year’s most fun and imaginative decorations and costumes. But Halloween 2016 is happening during a pretty unsettling time in our political history, to say the least.


While you may know the kinds of confusing or offensive Halloween costumes to expect on the eventful night this year, we also need to talk about some of the creepiest Halloween decorations you’ll see this season.



We’ve talked about Trumpkins before, as artist Jeannette Paras popularized them last year. Trumpkins, as you may have guessed from the clever name, are pumpkins carved out to look like Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump.


However, trick-or-treaters won’t be able to escape the real-life horrors that Trump has been causing, as his presidential campaign has included increased discrimination towards and oppression of Mexicans, Muslims, and women.

But despite the real-life negativity surrounding his road to the Republican nomination, the creativity behind Trumpkins can’t be denied. Prepare to see a few haunting a doorstep near you this Halloween.

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