There’s a lot going on with this ‘Trumpkin’ pumpkin

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is everywhere, including on a pumpkin.

Ohio artist Jeanette Paras chooses a different celebrity to pumpkinize every year, and this year, she picked The Donald. She recreated his likeness on a 374 pound pumpkin, and guys, it’s a sight to behold.

“The subjects are really self-selected – by being in the news all the time and by being the perpetual topic of conversation,” Paras told local outlet WATE. “The ‘Trumpkin’ was the overwhelming choice this year. That guy is in the news every day, it seems.”

Complete with hair and scowl, the “Trumpkin” took Paras 10 hours to complete. The final result is definitely worth the time she put into it, capturing the essence of Trump so perfectly. Notice the sweeping hair, the furrowed brow, the perfectly Trump-shaped face. This pumpkin was clearly grown for this particular destiny.

Paras will be displaying her work of art, which sits alongside the Time magazine that served as a model, throughout the holidays. We’re already excited to see who she gives the pumpkin treatment to next year, but the Trumpkin will be hard to top.

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