#TrumpAHorrorMovie tweets are some of the spookiest things you’ll read before Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably watching lots of scary things on TV – including 2016 election coverage, which might be the scariest of all. In honor of America’s spookiest holiday (and presidential race) #TrumpAHorrorMovie was born.

The hashtag, courtesy of HuffPost Comedy, inserts Donald Trump jokes into popular horror flick titles. It quickly became a trending hashtag on Twitter,  just hours after HuffPost announced it as their weekly Stupor Tuesday prompt.

This isn’t the first time jokes about the Republican presidential nominee made it to Twitter’s trending topics section. Just last week, #TrumpBookReport took over the social media site, with users explaining book plots using Trump’s debate style. And before that, we had the hilarious #TrumpExplains MoviePlots.

Be very afraid, America. These are the scariest tweets you’ll read all day:

Silence of the Lambs becomes… false

Interview With A Vampire is even creepier now.

Another Rocky Horror Picture Show remake…

Snakes on a Plane? More like…

A modern day Children of the Corn.


Happy Halloween?

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