Trump says he won’t promise to work with Hillary Clinton if she becomes president, and we’re hmmm-ing over here

This election has been the messiest we’ve everseen, and arguably the messiest ever, period. On top of everything, Trump says he won’t commit to working with Clinton if she wins the election. This comes after his refusal to say if he’ll accept election results. How is this even possible you guys? What even happens if a president refuses to concede an election? Why can’t they work together? Why is this our real life?!

According to Business Insider, Trump appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and said he doesn’t know if he’d work with Clinton if she becomes president, because, well, obviously.

On Good Morning America, Trump said,

"I'm not saying that I'm not or I am."


LOL, waaah? Why won’t he just say yes or no? Well, because he figures he’ll win so what difference does it make. Are we in elementary school? Wait, no scratch that. Elementary schoolers are better at compromise than what we’re seeing right now from Trump.

Instead of answering, he said,

"Hopefully I won't have to make that decision."

Again, this comes after he said he won’t accept her winning, proving that little is changing on this front.

Like, ugh. Can we get some answers, please? Thanks, Trump. We sure are ready for this mess of an election to be OVER. Goodbye, election stress. We won’t miss you!!

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