This Trump respecting turkeys more than women tweet has gone viral — and it’s too sad to be funny

Sigh. With all of the news lately about sexual assault in media, in Hollywood, in Silicon Valley, in politics, and just about everywhere else, we almost forgot that even the leader of our country, President Donald Trump, has been accused of sexual harassment by a PLETHORA of women. To put it in perspective, more women have accused him of sexual misconduct than the number of months he’s been in office.

And what immediately jogged our memories of this fact? Cut to the annual Turkey Pardoning ceremony in Washington D.C. this morning.

During the event, President Trump stood awkwardly by the feathered creature and asked, “Am I allowed to touch it?” Seems like a reasonable question, until you give it some context, which Vox correspondent Liz Plank quickly did.

Plank tweeted the now viral photo with the following caption: “tfw you realize trump respects turkeys more than women.”

This is so disturbing. We cannot.

While Trump may have a “look, but don’t touch” policy in place for animals, we can hardly say the same thing about women. There have been at least 16 documented complaints of sexual misconduct against Trump, according to New York Mag.  The President has kissed women against their will, put hands up their skirts, and put his hands on their breasts.

“He was like an octopus,” victim Jessica Leeds told the New York Times. “His hands were everywhere. It was an assault.”

We are actually going to be sick.

Another accuser, Jill Harth told the New York Times something similar about her assault, “his hands all over me. He was trying to kiss me. I was freaking out.”

Did Trump ask, “Am I allowed to touch you?”

When Mindy McGillivray was at a concert and felt a “good nudge, more of a grab,” near the center of her butt, was she asked if that was all right beforehand? Yeah, nope. She told the Palm Beach Post that immediately after the assault, she turned around to see Donald Trump, who quickly just looked the other way.

And these accusations don’t include his infamous Access Hollywood interview with Billy Bush when our President said, “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Despite his beliefs and behavior, Trump recently said that he is quite pleased that these behaviors are “being exposed” (despite that he has very recently defended Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore).

He told the Washington Post two days ago:

"Women are very special. I think it’s a very special time, a lot of things are coming out and I think that’s good for our society and I think it’s very, very good for women and I’m very happy a lot of these things are coming out."

Our hearts go out to all of the women who have been victimized by our President.

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