Trump gave a racist “compliment” to a border patrol agent, and Twitter is not having it

Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated insistence that he is “the least racist person,” he continually makes stereotypical, offensive, and downright bigoted comments about people of color. Whether it’s calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” or describing entire nations as “shithole countries,” Trump’s rhetoric frequently betrays his underlying prejudice. And apparently, the president’s racism isn’t limited to insults. Trump has yet again left many outraged after he bestowed a joking, racist “compliment” on a Latino border patrol agent.

Politico reports that on August 20th, the president attended an event at the White House to honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). One of the border patrol agents invited to speak at the event was Adrian Anzaldua, who arrested a smuggler holding 78 undocumented immigrants in a trailer in Laredo, Texas. When introducing Anzaldua, the president said that he “likely saved many lives” before inviting him to the podium.

"Come here, you're not nervous, right?" Trump addressed Anzaldua before continuing, "Speaks perfect English."

Just to reiterate: The president of the United States complimented a non-white American citizen for his command of the English language…as if it were something noteworthy or unexpected. Politico also notes that Trump referred to Anzaldua only as “Adrian,” making no effort to pronounce his last name.

Twitter users were quick to call out the president’s racist remark.



This is obviously not the first time Trump has made racist comments about the Latinx community. On the campaign trail, he infamously referred to Mexicans entering the U.S. as rapists and criminals.

As CNN has noted, Trump once also claimed that federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel couldn’t make an unbiased decision in a case about Trump University because he was “Mexican” (Curiel was born in Indiana).

We can’t say we’re surprised by Trump’s latest tasteless and bigoted remark, and incidents like this highlight just how important it is to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

Make your voices heard this November.

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