A Trump official called a journalist “Miss Piggy” on Twitter, and the internet is outraged

President Donald Trump and his administration are widely known for their controversial statements. And yesterday, January 24th, Trump official Lynne Patton came under fire when she insulted journalist April Ryan on Twitter, calling her “Miss Piggy.”

A Twitter feud between the two women escalated on January 24th after one Twitter user tweeted a video of Ryan, a White House correspondent, saying she had received death threats. Patton, who works for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, responded that, as a conservative black woman, she had also been threatened. Ryan and Patton continued to trade insults, with Patton calling Ryan a “blogger from a bankrupt outlet” and Ryan saying that Patton was a “fruit loop” and a “washed up wedding planner.”

The spat ended in Patton taking a dig at Ryan’s weight.

"I hear #MissPiggys still on a rampage," Patton wrote in a caption under a photo of Ryan. "Gee, I must've struck a nerve, @AprilDRyan! #BankruptBlogger."

Patton quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

"No one from this Administration contacted me. It was beneath me & I apologize to @AprilDRyan," Patton wrote. "My parents raised me to respect others & I regret my response. I apologize to them, @SecretaryCarson & the Trump family. They deserved better."


But the people of Twitter had already seen Patton’s “Miss Piggy” tweet, and they wasted no time in firing back.



Some even called for Patton to resign.


Patton became the New York and New Jersey regional head of HUD in June 2017 after Trump appointed her to the department earlier that year. She has no prior housing experience. Ryan has covered the Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks since 1997.

Patton’s fat-shaming tweet about Ryan is unacceptable behavior for a government employee. There are times when it’s necessary to criticize other women, but those criticisms should never include a woman’s weight. The “Miss Piggy” tweet contributed to a sexist culture of policing successful women based on their appearances, and we hope Patton has learned the error of her ways.