Trump called this female reporter a HUGELY sexist slur, and we’re so creeped out right now

Today in ack, we just learned from Mic that reporter Jennifer Lin says that Donald Trump called her a c*nt following the time in the late ’80s when she wrote about his work in Atlantic City. Like, is this real life? Unfortunately, yes, yes it is.

Reporter Jennifer Lin is reflecting publicly on the time Donald Trump called her a c*nt, and was generally horrible to her.

On CNN’s SmerconishLin said,

"The woman said 'Hold for Mr. Trump' and then Mr. Trump began to yell at me," Lin said to Smerconish. "He told me I had shit for brains. He told me I worked for a shitty newspaper and he said, 'What sort of shit [are you] writing?'" 


As if this couldn’t get worse, Trump then called her boss. 

According to Lin, Trump hung up on her and then called her boss to let Lin’s boss know that she was a “c*nt.” Like, hello, aggressively sexist slur.


The Trump campaign responded,

"This accusation is categorically false. I find it incredibly coincidental that this person's crystal clear recollection of one sentence, one word, spoken nearly thirty years ago just happens to coincide with Mr. Trump's surge in Pennsylvania. This is nothing more than an avowed liberal reporter who is trying to exploit Mr. Trump's reputation as click-bait for her tabloid stories."

Hear from Lin in the video below.

H/T Mic

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