These 15 signs of a 2000s friendship will make you want to check on your Neopet

The 2000s were undeniably messy from top to bottom. From gaucho pants to unforgiving low ponytails, kids in the 2000s had it all. The Lizzie McGuire Movie release may have been the greatest event of the decade, but that doesn’t mean friendships weren’t thriving. In fact, the 2000s were a dope decade for friendship — we had all sorts of new communication options, and our tech was both functional and poppin’.

With this 2000s magic in mind, let’s talk true signs of friendship in the 2000s.

1You played MASH and always included your crushes.

2You remember using the original Migo to call each other after school.

3You tested out walkie-talkie communication with each other during sleepovers.

4You and your friends had pre-planned dibs on each Jonas brother.

5A lit weekend for you and your BFFs was a DCOM marathon.

6Your first friend group fight was #TeamEdward vs. #TeamJacob.

7You and your BFF watched Mean Girls and thought it was super risqué.

8You played mad Neopets in the computer lab at school together.

9You did karaoke on one of these:

10You gave each other makeovers and always came out looking worse.

11You saved up your allowance for these, so you could share on the bus:

12You bumped this song at every opportunity (and even choreographed a group dance to it):

13You were shook together when this episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody came out:

14You looked on in awe together because Chad Michael Murray didn’t realize this was Sam?!

15But at the end of the day, you knew you could always count on each other — because your BFF was just one Migo call away.

Ah, the 2000s were good to us.

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