This woman stood up to trolls her body shamed her for her adorable engagement photos

Being engaged is a special time. It’s a time that pretty much every modern bride wants to celebrate and share on social media. Because LOVE IS GRAND. *tosses heart-shaped confetti*

Unfortunately, the internet can sometimes be an ugly place, as bride-to-be Mzznaki Tetteh recently found out. Tetteh is a nurse from Accra, Ghana, and clearly the kind of kickass, amazing woman that we embrace. She and her boyfriend just took some adorable engagement shots, and Tetteh immediately shared the love and posted them to IG.

We said adorable, right? Because ADORABLE.

This one is so sweet, guys… (sniffle)

The cuteness continues:

These pics are fantastic. Tetteh positively glows, and it’s clear that her boyfriend, Kojo Amoah, is obviously completely enamored with her. But like we said, the internet has its fair share of trolls and a few of them chimed in with their unsolicited (and downright cruel) comments.

While most of the comments on Tetteh’s posts were effusively supportive, a few strangers took to IG to poke fun at her weight, saying things like “RIP that man’s spine, and “I gotta hand it to him his arms are stronger than my last relationship.” At least one commenter even took screenshots and posted them to Twitter with insulting captions (which we won’t post here because why give such a person an even wider audience?).

Tetteh isn’t about to be bullied by body shaming haters, though. She fought back by posting yet another wonderful photo, accompanied with the empowering caption, “Still confident…your rubbish comments ain’t ruining my happiness…thanks to all for the compliments and best wishes…am honoured. ✌✌”


Do you hear that, trolls? Mzznaki Tetteh doesn’t have time for your garbage.

We love you, Mzznaki. Keep on slaying.


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