Someone just trolled Black Friday with this hilarious fake Target ad

Though more and more people are choosing to opt out of the corporate-sponsored chaos that is Black Friday, the day remains the most significant in holiday shopping of the year. Accordingly, that makes the shopping day a perfect target for funny people.

This week, Jeff Wysaski, the funny man behind humor site Pleated Jeans used his superior photoshop skills to create a series of fake Target ads to mark the impending arrival of Black Friday. The ads feature the hottest made-up toys of the year, including “gifts they’ll only use once” (an exercise ball, a breadmaker) and “hot gifts for centaurs.” There’s also an exciting line of new products just in time for the new Star Wars movie, including the Chewbacca toilet scrub brush and the Star Wars Episode VII hotdog blaster and don’t forget to pick up your “tent with an angry possum in it” and pudding-filled fanny pack before you go on your next camping trip.

This isn’t the first time Target has been the subject of a little trolling: Back in August, one Mike Melgaard set up a fake Target customer service page on Facebook to poke fun at people angry with the store for removing gender labels from its children’s items. A few days later, Target more or less thanked Melgaard for his support by sharing a photo of two Troll dolls à la Titanic.

Here’s hoping they bring that same sense of humor to these Black Friday posters. Check out all the season’s most hotly-anticipated (fake) gifts below.

(Image via Imgur)

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