Troian Bellisario explains why she picked her wedding dress and it makes perfect sense

When it comes to weddings, celebrities innately know how to throw a great one. Hence the incredible wedding put together by this Pretty Little Liars alumna. Troian Bellisario explains why she picked her wedding dress and her it makes perfect sense! Even if we don’t see an onscreen union between Spencer and Caleb, at least we get Troian’s actual photos to marvel over.

Troian Bellisario got hitched to Patrick J. Adams, the actor known for his role on Suits. The couple chose to get married in fort-themed style, complete with buses and fire pits. Because glitz and glamour don’t always mean extravagant finery.

The Ceremony

So far, the ceremony looks picture perfect. In addition to being whimsical, it shows personality. Therefore it’s only natural that  the bride’s dress does the same.

Troian Bellisario chose her white Cortana gown for a reason.

“I’m an incredibly indecisive person, and I didn’t want to wear a dress that I felt was wearing me. So I picked a simple, really beautiful design," she told People.

Seems like the reason Troian picked her wedding dress totally makes sense. And the 200 guests who attended the wedding agree. In conclusion, you should always go with something you feel comfortable with on your big day. While picking a fancy gown may seem like the right choice, it’s important to feel your best.

The guests we kept an eye out for most of all were Troian’s cast mates from Pretty Little Liars. They definitely came.

And it’s official. No wedding would be complete without the mystery of who A really is. Because Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end this year any and all photos of the cast members together are precious. Consequently, many photos from the wedding are going viral. Finally, something to keep our minds off the impending doom of not having that show on TV after this summer.