Troian Bellisario had a ~secret~ wedding dress and it’s even more amazing than the first

Troian Bellisario and her husband Patrick Adams have been married for just over a week now, and we’re still swooning hard over the details of their *perfect* wedding. We’re also still learning things about the wedding that make us love this amazing duo even more — like the fact that Troian actually had a ~secret~ second wedding dress, and honestly, it is far superior to her first wedding dress.

We love all wedding dresses equally. But this one is SO SPARKLY.

According to the pictures Troian shared to Instagram, this was actually the dress for her post-wedding festivities (obviously, because every wedding needs an after party, and sometimes an after-after party).

If you’re wondering where you can sang this super-sparkly dress yourself, it’s from Maureen Patricia, who designs all sorts of beautiful wedding (and bridesmaid) dresses. However, the one Troian is wearing is a custom dress made just for Troian. BUT, if you ask really nicely for the super-sparkly wedding dress Troian wore, maybe something can be worked out.

Or we can just spend the rest of our lives basking in how *perfect* this one dress is, and it’ll be impossible to ever recreate this sparkly beauty once again.

Troian’s Instagram comment wonders where she can wear the dress next, and honestly, we say EVERYWHERE.