Troian Bellisario hit a bullseye with an axe and we’re both terrified and impressed at once

If you know what “A,” “The Jenna Thing,” “Uber A,” and “Sparia” are, you’re probably already a huge fan of actress Troian Bellisario. The actress recently wrapped the final season of her popular series (tune in to the Pretty Little Liars series finale on Freeform this Tuesday!). While we’re totally sad to bring that saga to a close, we think the actress’ newfound free time has got her acting out in some pretty inventive/impressive/terrifying ways? What do we mean? This weekend, Troian Bellisario got her workout on and showed off her electrifying axe-throwing abilities on Instagram. We won’t lie. It’s got our knees knocking a little.

Watch as the axe glides to the bullseye with the greatest of ease.

There’s nothing like off-time to dust off the ‘ole axe and give it a throw. Of course, we’re kidding. We’re guessing that’s not actually her axe. She probably visited an axe-throwing range. (Do those exist? Wait, is it her axe?)

Huh. It certainly seems like Troian’s had quite a bit of practice. Or is she naturally-inclined when it comes to throwing sharp, scary objects with a dead-on aim? Who can say?

In her post, Troian jokes (or is she joking?) about being available to play superheroes, soldiers, axe-murderers and general Tarantino bad ass babes and ninjas. We think this is an excellent idea. There wouldn’t be too much training involved, after all, since she’s already got the mighty-throw down.

And she’s not just handy with an axe.

You can watch Troian Bellisario kill it with this very sharp knife, too.

We get a little queasy imagining the unfortunate target of her magnificent throw. It’s amazing how effortless she makes it look, though. Do you like how she turns to the camera and grins as she goes to retrieve her sharp, sharp knife? Yep. She’s already got her “bad ass bitch summer goals” nailed down.

While Pretty Little Liars may be over by the end of the week, we know this won’t be the last time we see this talented star — and now potential axe-throwing Olympian. We don’t know if that ranks on her goals list as high as becoming a bad ass bitch, but with skills like these, we’re pretty sure Troian can do anything. We certainly don’t want to be the ones to get in her way.

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