These awesome triplets are ALL going to be at the Rio olympics

The Olympic Games in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro are vastly approaching, and athletes are preparing to make their mark on history. There are three competitors from Estonia who are currently grabbing the attention of everybody, due to the fact that they’re triplet marathon runners. Yes, you read that correctly. A set of triplets who happen to be Olympic marathon runners. What?! Oh yeah, and they all have “L” names: Leila, Liina, and Lily. And their last name is Liuk. And this is all 100% true.

The presence of the Liuk siblings (who are being called the “Trio to Rio“) in Rio will be a headlining event, because they’ll be the first triplets to all compete in the Olympic marathon. As in, they’ve essentially already made history, and the Olympics haven’t even started yet!

The girls been training for six years for the Olympics, and get a load of this: When qualifying for the marathon, their personal best running times match up with their birth order! The oldest sister is Leila, and her personal best was 2:37:11. Then the middle sister, Liina, came in at 2:39:42, followed by Lily, who clocked in at 2:40:30. Pretty creepy/amazing stuff!

We’ll be rooting for the Liuk triplets at the Rio Olympics, that’s for sure. While they aren’t expected to emerge as major medal winners, it’s great to see such a strong female team getting out there and giving it their all. The fact that the girls are siblings is just a novelty — but a pretty good one.

Best of luck! false