This new app lets you create your own professional-looking music video

Making a video to music? That in itself is easy — just record yourself singing over your favorite track, and you’ve technically accomplished your goal, no? But making a music video is a whole production unto itself: Even the most basic “Band/artist singing over their song” videos involve multiple sets and thus takes, intuitive editing, and a collaborator who has a certain understanding of the client’s needs. While the third thing is definitely something only a professional director can provide, for the other two, Triller is at your service.

So, uh, what’s Triller? In the most basic terms, it’s an app that allows you to create your own professional-looking music video. Arm yourself with Triller, and then walk through the app’s simple steps: Select a song from the app’s library, film multiple takes of you and/or others singing along(or really, doing anything) to the song, and then wait for the app to splice your takes together into a video. Don’t like a particular take? Delete it, then try again. When you’re satisfied, push out your final product via a slew of different social channels.

Like Dubsmash and Vine, other video-based apps, Triller is almost definitely going to focus more on the social aspect of creating videos than, say, the technical finesse a videographer and/or director would bring. That said, people are definitely capable of elevating shortform video apps into their own art form, and with the ability to create videos for full songs? Well, we’re bound to see some Beyoncé-level “amateur” music video craftsmanship.

Lest you’re wondering if Triller can really pull off automated editing, Complex points out that the app’s Creative Director is Colin Tilley, who’s directed videos for everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Little Mix to Justin Bieber. Hey, the man knows his stuff — and with Triller in your pocket, perhaps you can one day have his job.

Check out the app trailer below, then take your own shot by downloading the app here.

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