A beauty writer tried an all-natural skin care routine, and learned that sometimes less is more

As a beauty writer, I can honestly say that I’m #blessed to constantly be trying out new beauty products — I’m first and foremost a skin care junkie, and I love testing new brands. That said, as a result of trying out so many different kinds of products, my skin can take a beating, and every once in a while I need to reset my skin with gentle products that give it a chance to breathe. So when I came across the natural skin care line Peet Rivko, I knew I needed to add it to my repertoire.

So many products can be full of harsh chemicals that break down the natural barrier of the skin, especially when you’re mixing and matching so many different brands at once (like I often do). I knew my skin needed a break when I started getting mild breakouts on my cheekbones — something that is incredibly rare for my laid-back skin. Now I’ve got some mild discoloration that needs to be lightened, and I’m pretty steamed about it.

I used Peet Rivko products exclusively for the past two weeks and my skin feels like it has done a total 180.

After months of using what seems like a 10-step skin care routine morning and night, I was slightly apprehensive about narrowing my game down to three products. Though, in all honesty, I did supplement this routine with an eye cream morning and night. If you are over 30 and not using eye cream, you are playing yourself, boo.

All Peet Rivko products are plant-based, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh irritants that will give your skin an adverse reaction. The whole idea behind Peet Rivko is that they use fewer ingredients and have fewer products in their line so that your skin care is soothing and enriching while still being simple. They’re also fragrance-free, so not only will they not irritate your skin, they won’t give you a funky headache either — a total must for me since I’m very sensitive to smells.

Here are the three products in the Peet Rivko line:


1Gentle Cleanser, $30.


This cleanser is specifically formulated to be gentle on the most sensitive of skin with aloe vera, comfrey, and green tea ingredients. It’s non-foaming, which is great because it won’t strip your skin of its natural oil or pH levels. It just leaves it soft, smooth, and free of daily grime and excess oil.

I love how soft and gentle the cleanser is — it lives up to its name! I always worry that natural products won’t actually clean my skin and I’ll have to give it a once over with something else, but I was so pleased that it got all my makeup off my face — mascara included — without having to scrub at it like a rough monkey.

2Balancing Face Oil, $56.


The face oil is formulated to nourish and strengthen your skin with its signature blend of organic avocado, jojoba, and prickly pear oils, all of which are rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants.

Now, many out there say that your face oil should go on AFTER you moisturize, but I kindly beg to disagree. I prefer to use it beforehand and let it absorb for a few minutes before moisturizing. I feel that it seeps nicely into my skin and I get maximum hydration this way.

I was very apprehensive about using an oil blend that I’ve never tried before — til now I’ve strictly been a rosehip seed oil kind of lady. But I can honestly say that this oil feels intensely luxurious and leaves my skin looking and feeling absolutely fabulous. I credit it for the highlighter-level glow I’ve been sporting all week. I even think it’s lightened my scars and under-eye circles! I am fully on board with this delectable oil.

3Daily Moisturizer, $48.


The moisturizer is super light while still being hydrating and soothing thanks to the fact that it’s full of shea butter, aloe, and jojoba. It feels perfectly smooth and rich without feeling greasy, which is always a concern. And it actually gives your skin a nice matte finish and leaves it primed for makeup, another reason I prefer to use it after face oil.

I definitely need my moisturizer to create a smooth and even canvas for my makeup that doesn’t cause it to melt off or slide around. I am happy to report that my makeup lasted all day long and looked fresh-to-death even after a long day of work and rubbing my eyes.

Here is proof:


We don’t need to get into the tragedy that is my hair right now but suffice it to say, this situation will be remedied next week.

I went into this little experiment knowing that I would enjoy using the Peet Rivko line but feeling like it wouldn’t be thorough enough a skin care system for me. To be honest, I can’t really find a single fault with it. The simple packaging speaks to my minimalist heart in a way so few beauty products do, but best of all, I love how my skin looks and feels. It’s a great validation that natural and low-maintenance skin routines can result in glowing, youthful-looking, and healthy skin.

Head on over to Peet Rivko and check out the goods for yourself, I have a feeling you won’t regret it.


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