I tried the Lunette cup AND the Diva cup, and this is what happened

My first experience with a period cup wasn’t exactly fun, to say the least. In fact, you may have read about my writhing on the floor with my hand up there as I screamed, “WHY ARE ALL THINGS MADE FOR WOMEN SO EVIL.”

But hey, that was only the first try! And I’m not one to give up on the first try. After all, period cups have been all the rage as of late, with thousands of women claiming they’re comfortable, convenient, affordable (you only have to buy one and you’re set for a long time!) and good for the environment. So when Lunette was kind enough to send me a cup to try out, I decided. . . why not try it along with the famous DivaCup and see how they measure up?

And good news, guys: This one isn’t a horror story.

Lunette Cup

Cost: $27.99 – $32.99 on Amazon (depending on color)

After my aforementioned piece about my period cup woes, a representative from Lunette kindly contacted me and offered to send a cup, free of charge. I picked a model 1, and they let me pick a color (I chose purple, obvs). And it’s quite pretty, especially with its matching purple silk bag.



This was my first experience with a period cup since The Time A Cup Attached Itself To My Cervix, so I was a bit wary. I read the directions a million times over before folding it into that origami-like shape and putting it up there, and then suddenly, it felt like there was nothing there. There was a noticeable difference with this cup than there was with the off-brand cup I had used last time; it was springier, softer, and seemed to fit considerably better.

I took a deep breath and went about my day, checking on it after about seven hours. I relaxed my muscles and took it out with absolutely no problems, and to my delight, there were no leaks, either! It was easy to wash (the sample had come with a gentle soap), and the stem was considerably longer than my last cup, which helped to pull it down and pinch at the base (amazing for a lady like me with a higher cervix) — but the stem is easily trimmable for anyone who would prefer it shorter. I used it throughout my period happily, with no problems.


Cost: $28.13 on Amazon

I tried to contact DivaCup to get a sample, but could not due to its vast popularity, so I purchased one myself instead — again, model 1. Sadly, it was not purple, but hey, life isn’t purple. Some may prefer the clear version of the cup because it’s easier to see any bit that needs cleaning, but on the other hand, it’s harder to see any discoloration for aesthetic purposes, so it depends on the individual preference. But either way, it did come with a very cute case!



I felt more confident about the whole insertion process after my success with the Lunette, and again, it was no problem this time, either — although the Diva was definitely a bit less flexible, felt a bit thicker, and was overall a little harder to get into my ladyhood. Once I got it in, I could feel it slightly more than the Lunette Cup, but I didn’t feel it at all after about half an hour.

Once I checked on it, there were a few minor leaks, but nothing life-changing. It was also a bit harder to get out due to its shorter stem, which made me start to panic again, but after I relaxed my muscles, I got it out with minimal problems.

It’s important to note that the cups have slightly different shapes, so it’s possible that the shape of the Lunette simply worked better with me personally than the Diva, because everyone’s different, after all!


The Takeaway

Overall, for me personally, I prefer the Lunette cup and will likely be using it as the go-to for my period. However, everyone is different. Some may prefer the texture and more rigid, safe feeling of the Diva Cup, and they may prefer the shorter stem. Others may prefer the softer feel of the Lunette, and those with a higher cervix may prefer the longer stem. Happy cupping, ladies!