A beauty writer tried *these* Kim Kardashian-approved exfoliating mitts, and here’s what happened

First off, this is not an “I’ll try anything Kim K tries” post, although I’ve written my fair share and have zero regrets. This isn’t really about Kim — this is about Zena Foster.

I’ve been following Zena Foster on Instagram for a while just ‘cuz she’s cool and has great style, no shame here. Recently, she launched Polished by Zena Foster with a set of $29.99 exfoliating mitts as the line’s first product. Kim Kardashian, Influencer of all Influencers, got her hands on a pair of exfoliating mittens, and the rest is history.


“If anyone really knows me, they know I’m obsessed with scrubbing mitts and I’m always looking for the best ones, so thank you, Zena Foster, for sending me your mitts,” Kim says.

So I did what any beauty writer would do: I got the mitts to test out. As soon as I took my pair out of their little vinyl packaging I knew these weren’t your average terry cloth mitts you can grab at Target. The fabric is more like a crepe with a texture that says, “I mean business.”


The instructions say to start by using the mitts with just water, then use soap on your second go ’round. The only way to describe the experience would be “scratchy, scrubby, and wonderful.” I did one round with just water, then used body wash. I’m a firm believer that there’s no wrong way to exfoliate, but I did use circular motions toward the center of my body. (Many moons ago I was super into dry brushing, which involves the same technique to encourage healthy blood flow and drain the lymphatic system. It seemed like the perfect time to bring that old thang back.)

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After the second round of exfoliating with the mitts and body wash, I went for my Dove bar soap (I’m a bar soap person). The bar was sliding all over my newly exfoliated skin like a dream.

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I’ve been using the mitts for about a week now and the results are in. The weird bumpy skin I get near my elbows and above my knees is much better. I’m confident that in a few days those areas will be just as smooth as the rest of my skin.

By the time I’m done showering with my mitts, my skin is usually a bit red. (I like to over do it.) After applying a little coconut oil, which I store in the fridge this time of year, it’s all good.


I’ve washed them in the washing machine once, but I let them air dry just to be on the safe side. The Polished by Zena Foster mitts aren’t meant to be used on your face so resist the urge. Although, I did use them gently on my neck area.

I don’t think a Polished-free shower is gonna satisfy me anymore. Shop the Polished by Zena Foster mitts, here ($29.99) and level up, guys.

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