Finally, a wearable tribute to ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’

As soon as I wake up, a song will immediately get stuck in my mind, as if there’s some sort of elf in there pressing play on a boombox. Can someone call a scientist and explain to me why that happens, BTW? One of these recurring tunes is the theme song for The Baby-Sitters Club television show. I may have sung an operative version at one time or another. Sadly, there is no recorded proof of that magic moment, but let me know if your voice mail needs a new greeting.

During my youthful years, I devoured stacks upon stacks of the BSC series. Eventually I delved into the dark era of Fear Street and Christopher Pike’s books, but The Baby-Sitters Club always had a special place in my heart. That’s why this t-shirt bearing all of the club members’ names has been instantly added to my wish list!

Who was YOUR favorite BSC character? Mine was a tie between Claudia Kishi and Stacey McGill, the two fashionistas of the group. NATURALLY! ::tosses hair around::

Pay homage to your favorite Stoneybrook baby-sitters by incorporating this cute tee into your forthcoming summer style direction. You can also request the sleeves to be rolled and stitched to stay that way for no extra charge. It also comes in gray!
Baby-Sitters Club t-shirt, $32.10

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