This guy in a dino suit on “American Ninja Warrior” is exactly what we need in the world right now

To put it bluntly, these last few days have sucked for everyone. We all need a little bit of light and happiness in the world. Or just someone dressed up as a T-Rex trying to conquer the American Ninja Warrior course, because that’ll certainly make us laugh.

For right now, yes, that T-Rex will have to do.

Earlier today, American Ninja Warrior shared a video to their Facebook of one of their latest contestants. This is no ordinary contestant, though, because we don’t even get to see them. They’re wearing one of those giant, inflatable dinosaur costumes that have been popping up all over the internet lately (and going totally viral).

This one just happened to pop up on NBC, and they are destined for fame and glory.

The Jurassic Park antagonist took to the course — occupation: “Carnivore,” birthplace: “Cretaceous Period” — and got WAY FARTHER than anyone would ever expect. Can they even see out of the dino suit??

The crowd simply eats it all up. The kids in the audience can barely believe what they’re seeing. The adults in the audience start chanting “DINO! DINO!” It is something you need to truly witness for yourself, and you’ve gotta watch it all to learn exactly how far this dino gets before he meets his extinction elimination.

Thank you, Ninja Warrior Dino, thank you. We really needed you today.