It begins: Trevor Noah’s first ‘Daily Show’ promo is here

Change is inevitable. We may not always be ready for it, but when it comes it means that something new (and quite possibly very exciting) is on the horizon.

While it’s true that it’s been almost two weeks since Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show, it’s also true that we have something different to look forward to as we wipe away our farewell tears.

Comedy Central is wasting no time at all in introducing us to our new Daily Show guru, and Tuesday they aired a new spot to get us psyched for Trevor Noah. It looks like things are going to take a different kind of tone in the studio moving forward.

From the first few beats of Kanye West’s “Power,” you’ll be readily aware that this is a serious job with some major built-in power, and that Noah is not afraid to make fun of himself. The slogan? “Same Chair. Different Ass.”

We are eager to see his fresh take his Daily Show, even if his beginning is rather bittersweet.

Mark your calendars now: The Daily Show (with Trevor Noah!) premieres Monday, September 28 at 11 PM EST.

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[Featured image Comedy Central/Peter Yang.]