Our favorite new style trend is something you probably wore in middle school

Fashion always comes back around, and we’ve been loving the resurgence of our favorite ’90s trends. Chokers, jellies, mini backpacks, daisy print everything—it’s back, baby, so dust off your Doc Martens! And now it seems the fashion world is making its way into the early 2000s, which means it might be time to dig deep into your closet for your trucker hats.

Evidence of the great 2000s comeback surfaced in Nicolas Ghesquière’s newest Louis Vuitton collection. It’s very future-focused, featuring plenty of metallic colors and pulling inspiration from the digital age. Ghesquière even calls it “a travel to the frontier of the digital world.” But there’s one piece in the collection that stands out, and gives us serious flashbacks to the wardrobe we rocked over a decade ago: the bubble skirt!

If you’re unfamiliar, let me refresh your memory. Bubble skirts are balloon-y skirts that fit tightly on your waist, then cascade down your sides. The hem is tucked under itself, giving the appearance that your torso is plopped inside a bubble or a cloud. Bubble skirts were a major THING in the 2000s.

And now, thanks to Louis Vuitton, bubble skirts are officially back! The fashion gods of the 2000s are pleased, because duh they are.  It makes sense: high waists have been “in” for a while now (were they ever really “out”?). But after peeping the runway shots, it appears the modern bubble skirt has received an update. It has more of that uneven, messy-on-purpose look. Today’s bubble skirts are all, “I woke up like this,” and we’re totally on board.

So if you kept your bubble skirt, it’s definitely time to bust it out again. Style it with a leotard or a sheer button down and don’t forget your leather jacket! Bonus points for a Livestrong bracelet and shutter shades.

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