Just do yourself a favor and look at these amazing tree houses

While casually browsing Airbnb (because why not?), we came across a rental that completely encompasses our childhood (and adulthood) hopes and dreams — sleeping in a tree house! But not just any old tree house, a real-life house built into a tree. It’s beautiful, stylish, cozy and did we mention. . . IN A TREE? This magnificent rental is located in Atlanta (if you didn’t have a reason to go to Atlanta before — you do now), and can be yours for $350 per night. Sure, it’s on the pricey side — but must we say it again. . . TREE HOUSE!

As it turns out, once you find one magical tree house for rent, it’s really hard not to do a search for others. And that’s exactly what has happened here. We found other incredible rentable tree houses (thanks to Travel and Leisure), and we want to go to all of them.

Take a look at some of the coolest tree houses that exist around the world:

Treehotel — Harads, Sweden:

This tree hotel consists of five suites, each suite with its own look — one is a bird’s nest, another is a flying saucer and another (our favorite) has walls made of Legos. The one you might not even see, if you didn’t know it was there, is the suite with a mirrored exterior — a great place to literally be invisible.

Here’s the aforementioned Lego tree house, because it’s too cool not to share:

It’s basically a floating Lego house in the forest.

Playa Viva — Juluchuca, Mexico

Each of the three casitas is made completely out of sustainable materials. Can you even imagine sleeping on top of a tree? Hopefully guests keep the doors shut at night — it seems a little dangerous, particularly for sleep-walkers.

Tree House Lodge — Limón, Costa Rica

I can taste the tropical fruit just by looking at this picture. All the tree houses on this beach front property have two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, and all are sustainably built from fallen trees. So, if you ever happen to come across a fallen tree, grab it and get to work (if building luxurious tree houses is your thing — if so, can you build me one too?).

La Cabane en L’Air — France

This isn’t just one hotel, it’s a group of 200 hundred tree houses spread all across France. So, the next time you find yourself in France, needing an elevated place to stay, one of these awesome tree houses is probably right around the corner.

Tongabezi — Livingstone, Zambia 

If you’re fortunate enough to go to Africa, sleeping in and on top of nature really seems like the ultimate best way to do it.

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel — Brazilian Amazon

This “Tarzan House” has a plunge pool and a Jacuzzi. I’m not sure how that’s even possible — but it is, because their website says it is. A pool in your tree house — now that’s something I definitely thought only happened in my dreams.

Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort — Hainan Island, China

This rustic “Big Beach in the Sky” tree house is doing some serious channeling of Tarzan’s tree house at Disneyland, making it really hard not to drop everything right now and purchase a ticket to China.

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