How To Treat Yo’ Self Every Day

The inventors of Treat Yo’ Self – the beloved Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Donna (Retta) from Parks and Recreation – certainly have the right idea in mind. The two take one day out of every year and treat themselves to clothes,. fragrances, massages, mimosas. fine leather goods and a plethora of other things (like, a Batman suit). But what about the rest of us who oftentimes find the prices at Bath & Body Works to be out of our price range?

Fear not! There are many simple things you can do, even every day, to treat yo’ self right. There’s no reason why you should raid the clearance rack of a high-end department store to find the perfect outfit. Maybe you’re creeped out by massages.. For those of us looking to keep things manageable, here are simple things you can do to make sure you’re treating yo’ self right every day.

1. Cookie in a cup

As the self-proclaimed best/worst baker ever, I spend a lot of time trying to find the best baking ingredients. Usually, I’m baking for just myself (no shame!), and I will eat all of the cookies (once again, no shame!). I often made half batches, but I soon discovered cookie in a cup, which is the best. I can make my own varieties and add in as many mix-ins that I want. I suggest peanut butter and white chocolate chips. Also, this recipe for cinnamon bun in a cup just made your lazy Saturday mornings so much better.

2. Inspirational mirror messages

Even if we try to avoid the mirror, we’re going to need to look at it eventually, whether we’re putting in contacts or plucking eyebrows. You might as well make that time the most inspirational of the day. You woke up fabulous, so remind yourself of that! Maybe even adding your favorite quote or design will do the trick. If you’re stuck for what to doodle, the best fall back is Barbra Streisand’s “Hello, gorgeous.”

3. Figure out your bra size … for real

At one point in your life, you were probably wearing the wrong bra size. Whether it was age 14, or 24, there’s no shame in admitting you might not know your actual size and asking for help. Figuring out your correct size will instantly make you feel better as the correct bra can eliminate general discomfort, straps that dig into your shoulders and underwires that makes you want to cry. Many department stores offer free bra fittings. Or, if you’re too shy to ask a complete stranger, the Internet can help, too. This simple adjustment will make you feel like royalty every single day.

4. Binge something

Who needs the real world today? Figure out which one of your favorite TV shows is currently streaming on Netflix, hit play and watch all of them. If you’ve been dying to re-watch a show from the beginning, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Maybe find a friend that hasn’t yet experienced your favorite show, and invite them over for a pajamas-only binge-watching party.

5. Get lost in something from your childhood

Take a half hour out of your busy day (of Netflix binge watching) to dig through an abandoned drawers or desktop folders and search for things you thought you had forgotten. Was there a cartoon you loved growing up? It’s probably on YouTube somewhere. I love ducks and I loved DuckTales. This little gem reminded me just how much I loved DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. It was just the dose of nostalgia I needed for a hectic Monday.

6. Brew delicious tea

While we might run on coffee, tea is delicious at any time of day. Plus, depending on the kind of tea you use, you might get some antioxidants in there too. If it’s a hot day, iced is the way to go. Make a big pitcher of freshly-brewed iced tea, sit outside with a book and chug it to your heart’s content. If it’s a colder day, it’s going to be hot tea. Or apple cider. How can anyone be sad when they’ve got a hot cup of apple cider and a fresh apple cinnamon donut? (Clearly it’s already fall in my mind.)

7. Leave yourself a surprise

Do something for yourself, and then purposely forget about it. Maybe buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies and hide them somewhere, so when you least expect it, you’ll stumble upon them again. It’s the same thrill that comes with finding money shoved into your pants’ pocket that’s gone through the wash fifteen times. Surprise, suddenly you’re $20 richer! Except this surprise you can eat.

8. Try an at-home facial

Don’t be scared of Googling home facials to try on a whim. Some of them actually work. It’s best to figure out what kind of skin you have first, whether it is dry, oily or sensitive, and then find a facial from there. Usually, you can find the ingredients right in your cabinet (like a super simple baking soda + water facial mask).

9. Buy a plant

Make it your mission to keep that plant alive for as long as possible. Nothing brightens up a room like a little green, and if a house plant seems too daunting for you, opt for cut flowers instead. Sure, they might not last as long as a little fern, but they’ll add so much life to a kitchen table or window sill.

10. Give yourself a mani-pedi

Here’s something else you don’t need to splurge on and can do right at home. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got a great collection of beautifully-painted nails right here. What you should splurge on is a good bottle of polish, along with maybe a nail hardener and a perfect top coat. Paint your nails your favorite color and live life as if they’ll never chip.

11. Do nothing

Comedian John Mulaney explains it best when he says, “it’s really easy not to go to things. It is so much easier not to do things, than to do them, that you would do anything is totally remarkable. … and so much fun not to do them!” So when it’s Friday night, you’ve had a ridiculous, difficult day at work and your friends want to go out at 9pm, you are allowed to politely bow out. Take a Friday night and do nothing.

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