There’s a really good reason this was the most expensive death to film on “Game of Thrones”

Death is certainly no stranger to Game of Thrones. And throughout the series, there have been a number of high-profile and morbidly creative death scenes of major characters on the show. Now, thanks to a recent panel with showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff , we know the most expensive death scene of any Game of Thrones character.

*Obviously, spoilers ahead.*

If you thought for sure it was the graphic moment when poor Oberyn Martell got a little too cocky with the Mountain, that’s a decent guess.

The most expensive death scene was actually when Arya Stark crossed Meryn Trant off her notorious “list” in season 5.

There’s a lot of gruesome deaths on the show. But, if you recall, Arya didn’t just quietly poison this man. No, she took down the former King’s Guard member – the guy who killed her original sword-fighting teacher, Syrio Forel – with her own two hands.

And it was how exactly she decided to kill him that made the scene so expensive to shoot, according to the showrunners.

First she stabs him in the eyes, then she stabs him a bunch of times all over his body. She then explains why she’s doing what she’s doing while he writhes in pain before finally slitting his throat.

As intense as it sounds, everyone watching may recall just how satisfying that revenge felt for all of us who watched him torture multiple young women and be an all-around bad guy.

And the showrunners explained, somewhat obviously, "She couldn’t really poke out his eyes."

If you watch the shocking scene again, you do note how realistic it looks and feels. So whatever they did – and whatever they had to pay to get it done – was totally worth it.

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