Travis Scott made his first public comment about Stormi, his baby with Kylie Jenner

It’s only been weeks since Kylie Jenner officially announced her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Stormi, all at once. At the same time, Jenner revealed that her boyfriend, Travis Scott, was the father. Since then, we’ve been loving the details they’ve shared, from Jenner’s sweet pregnancy highlights video to the couple’s first selfie together since becoming parents. And now, Scott has made his first public comment about Stormi, and what he said is heartwarming.

We got to see Jenner and her closest friends and family members talk about her pregnancy in her YouTube video, “To Our Daughter.” The video is basically an open letter to Stormi, describing the pregnancy and all of the privacy surrounding it, and it’s actually pretty powerful to watch. Our favorite moments involve Jenner and Scott being together, looking at the sonogram with the doctor, and hugging by the beach.

Other than that, though, we haven’t seen much of the couple and their new daughter, and we haven’t heard them talk about her either. The other night, though, Scott gave his first comment about Stormi to TMZ after making his first public appearance since the birth. As he was walking to his car, photographers asked him about his daughter, and he said, “She’s beautiful.”

Okay, yes, it was only two little words, but honestly, they were perfect. Those two little words show just how Scott feels about Stormi, and it was more than enough for us. Scott had previously tweeted about Stormi after the initial announcement of her birth, saying, “New rager in town!” Cute, but not exactly as adorable as his comment to TMZ.

Also, we kind of love that Scott and Jenner are being so private about Stormi and their life with her. It’s sweet that these two are putting so much focus into their new life. We wish nothing but the best for them.

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