This travel site sends you to a surprise destination, and we are aching to book a trip

Traveling is at the top of many of our minds, and there are plenty of travel sites that can help sort out all of the finer details. But one site in particular is adding a bit more fun into the already fun idea of traveling. The twist that sets it apart from other travel sites on the market? This site sends travelers to mystery destinations across the globe — bringing even more excitement into international travel.

The site, Jubel, works to send you on a new kind of international travel experience.

Not only does the company send you off to a mystery destination, but once you arrive at your destination, the company continues to guide you on your journey by delivering letters to you throughout the trip.

Additional features include personalizing the trip to your travel style -- whether you prefer to see multiple destinations in one trip, or focus on one highlighted destination at a time. Basically, your next trip becomes a fun new game.

Whether you use Jubel’s services for your next trip or decide to incorporate it later on, planning for your next vacation means doing more than having the perfect travel bag packed. It means finding the right style of travel that fits you — and that’s something to look forward to.

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