Travel Makeup Tips for Looking Fabulous Straight Off a Plane

A travel makeup routine you can finish in five minutes before landing (even during turbulance)

This month it seems like everyone in the Birchbox office is jetting off somewhere fun. Ally is in Equador right now (lucky!), editor Candice just returned from San Francisco and will be working from Los Angeles this weekend, and even I just got back from a few days in Denver for a friend’s wedding. Summer really is our favorite time to get out of the office and enjoy some sun.

Unfortunately I usually step off the plane looking like death warmed over (especially if it’s more than a few hours long flight) and I know I’m not alone. The last thing I want to do while traveling is worry about a full makeup routine, so this month we asked makeup artist Nam Vo to share a few really easy tricks for looking downright amazing when you step off the plane. Watch our travel makeup tips and then throw these products (all under TSA’s 3.4 FL OZ limit) in your carry-on and you’ll be fresher and more polished when you step off the plan than when you stepped on. Happy traveling!


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