Travel-Inspired Gift Guide

Last year I did a gift guide for the traveler in your life (whether that was you or someone near-and-dear to you). But what happens when you have no trips planned, and no prospect of overseas adventure on the horizon? In other words, you’ve already got your glittery passport holder but, alas, no airport to bring it to.

Well, if you can’t hop on a flight any time soon, then this gift guide is for you. Whether you want to be reminded of a favorite vacation spot or encouraged to keep planning for that (someday) dream trip, these travel-inspired (and inspiring) gifts should be just the ticket.

Josie Maran Escape to Morocco Whipped Body Butter set: I love love love everything Josie makes (I use the Argan Oil and Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee every day), so when I saw this, I knew it must be amazing. I’ve never been to Morocco, but my skin can get dry as a desert so this whipped body butter sounds incredible. Since I don’t have the cash for a trip to Marrakech, I’ll just have to imagine myself transported to the bazaar every time I smooth these on.

Lauren Conrad’s Little Market little flower pillowcase: I love the mission of this website: to make handmade, artisan-crafted goods available to everyone (and to pay a living wage to the artisans). The craftspeople who supply the website are from Bolivia, Nepal, Peru, India and Mexico and the website practices fair trade principles. It’s nice to know that my purchase will help to empower women all around the world. And how beautiful is this pillowcase from Nepal?

UncommonGoods sari scarf: I’ve never been to India, but this gorgeous scarf made from silk saris makes me wish I had. This handmade, recycled, each-one-is-one-of-a-kind scarf is definitely more special than the average big-box store version. And who wants to look like everyone else, when you could look like you’ve just returned from an epic trip to India?

On Your Case phone cases (via etsy): My phone is never far away from me, and when I’m looking at something that much, I definitely want to enjoy the view. So whether you want to gaze at the Paris metro map or a vintage postcard scene of the Golden Gate Bridge, you have to check out these cell phone cases. I have the London Tube map one and I love it (and I thought I couldn’t love my phone any more than I already did!)

J.W. Hulme Co. bag: I love finding things that are still made in the good old U.S. of A. (it’s getting rare these days), and these artisan leather bags fit the bill. The buckle detail on this clutch makes me think of the rugged Old West, and I love that this Minnesota-based retailer is keeping the art of leather and canvas products alive.

What travel-inspired gifts would you love to give (or get)?

*I wasn’t paid to promote these products; they’re just things I already love or can’t wait to try. All opinions are my own.

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