A kind stranger helped this girl during a travel disaster…and turns out he’s a famous NFL star

Delilah Cassidy likely had no idea that her routine airport layover would become a viral sensation. On May 30th, she was scheduled to fly on American Airlines after traveling in Europe. Before boarding her final flight, she was told that her carry-on was a little too big and she’d have to pay $50 extra. HOWEVER, the airline didn’t take cash, and none of Cassidy’s credit cards were working because the card companies didn’t know she was back in the U.S. She was told she’d have to go all the way back out to the main check-in line to sort things out…meaning she’d definitely miss her flight.

And that’s when a kind stranger came to her rescue. He asked the airline how much money they needed, and then promptly put his own card down. She found him again once on the flight to thank him and find a way to way him back, but he merely asked her to “pay it forward.”

And it turns out the kind stranger was none other than NFL player Jermaine Gresham.

Cassidy (who is, in an amazing coincidence, a sports journalist) gave the official play-by-play on Twitter.

Gresham, who’s 29, currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals. He probably had no idea that his kind deed would go viral (which makes it all the sweeter).

The world can seem like a bleak place sometimes, and this is the perfect reminder that acts of kindness are happening all around us (as well as just how big a difference a little empathy can make).

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