These are the travel destinations internet foodies can’t get enough of

If you’re the kind of person who plans a holiday based on restaurant recommendations, then you’re in luck. Pinterest just released its 2017 travel report, and we can now confidently reveal the most popular travel destinations among internet foodies. And this list? It’s delicious.

If you’re starting to plot out your summer getaway, consider making your plans based on these local cuisines — they’re rich, colorful, and sure to give you a real sense of your host city or country.

Got Expedia loaded up on your phone? Good — away we go!

Nashville, Tennessee

It’s not just the great tunes drawing travelers to Nashville these days — it’s also the city’s famous hot chicken. Searches and saves for this unique cuisine are up 156% since last year.


Artisanal coffee shops are having a moment (in case you hadn’t noticed!), and pinners are loving local coffee destinations in Paris and other cities around the globe. Pinners are saving “third-wave” cafés 283% more in 2017 than in 2016.


It’s no surprise that interest in Cuba and its delectable cuisine has spiked in popularity — up 83% since last year. President Obama’s decision to re-open relations with the Caribbean nation has freed Americans to visit this previously out-of-reach destination.


Love street food? Pinners do, too. Saves for Borough Street Market in London are up 78% this year.


Pinterest users can’t get enough of the “aperol spritz” — a beverage made from prosecco, soda water, fruit, and bitter aperol — that’s popular in Rome and other destinations around Europe. Saves for this one-of-a-kind bevvie are up 90% since 2016.


Love shakshuka? Head to the motherland of the popular brunch dish — Tunisia — and enjoy these savory eggs as they were meant to be eaten. Saves for this delectable dish are up 112% since 2016.

Happy trails, eaters!

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