This is your travel Achilles heel, according to your zodiac sign

As much as most of us love to travel and explore new destinations, we all have a sore spot — that one weakness that holds us back from truly enjoying ourselves or a pet peeve that gets under our skin during every single trip. If you don’t know what yours is, then let the stars reveal your travel Achilles heel for you, according to your zodiac sign.

Why must you know what your vulnerable point is when it comes to traveling? Well, let’s put it this way: traveling can be as exciting as it is stressful. If you already know what’s going to drive you bananas before you book that fun getaway, then you’ll be able to control it when it rears its ugly head — or at least you’ll be more adept at recognizing and handling it. Plus, your travel companions will thank you. Trust.

Here’s what your zodiac sign’s travel Achilles heel says about you.


Aries have a “go go Gadget” energy, which means they love exploring and trying out new activities. Not everyone has this kind of intense energy, which is something you’ll need to be mindful of with your fellow travel companions. Find a compromise! Maybe you explore one day and have a spa day the next (a little downtime never hurt anybody).


Taurus is known for playing it safe, which is why they love to know what they’ll be doing at each and every point of their trip. They are beholden to an itinerary, so any change of plans will annoy and disappoint them. Try to be as flexible as you can and don’t forget that spontaneity can be fun, too.


The frenetic energy of Gemini means they don’t like to be tied down — literally. They will balk at bringing more than a carry-on (or anyone who will hold them up). If you’re a Gemini who’s traveling with others, it’s best to stay open-minded and as grounded as possible.


Cancers are creatures of comfort, so they love going on repeat vacations while also sticking close to their family and friends. There’s a big ol’ world out there — take a risk, visit someplace new, and don’t be afraid to meet new people along the way. Give your vacation self room to grow.


Leos sure do love their luxury, which means they love the best of the best, whether that means trendy restaurants, luxury hotels, or tons of bougie souvenirs. Sticking to a budget and making sure you’re planning a vacay that everyone can afford — friends, fam, even you — is your best bet.


Virgos are super critical, so they are all about vetting destinations while making sure that the itinerary has been analyzed and approved to their taste. They might want to loosen the reins and view their vacation as just that — a time to let their hair down and RELAX. Because they deserve it.


Because they love making sure their family and friends are having fun and feeling good, Libras tend to put themselves at the bottom of their priority list while on vacation. Not only will your vacay feel more like work than play, but you could end up feeling cranky. Put your own needs first and enjoy.


Scorpios love to enjoy themselves while on vacation and really like pushing themselves to the limits, ensuring they are learning and enjoying their time away as much as possible. Learning to dial down the intensity and simply remain in the present moment will do them a world of good.


Sags are the born adventurers of the zodiac. They love to explore and search for deeper meanings in their wanderlust quest. Having them settle down in one spot is their Achilles heel. Understanding that roots and stability can be exciting, too, is a great lesson for them.


Caps prefer quality over quantity, so when they vacation, they want to make sure they’re traveling somewhere amazing and doing the best of the best. Unsurprisingly, they’re pretty picky when they travel. It would serve them well to let their hair down and go with the flow more.


Aquarians love being in the moment while they’re traveling and like to fly by the seat of their pants. Being spontaneous is fun, but sometimes having a plan in place — especially in a foreign place — is the wise choice. They need to learn that a focus more on details and sticking to an itinerary is good, too.


Pisces are naturally dreamy and introverted, so they love being surrounded by nature and doing solo activities. There’s nothing wrong with needing downtime to recharge — just make sure that your travel companions know this so they don’t take your alone time personally.

By knowing what your Achilles heel is when it comes to travel, your next getaway is already off to a great start. Bon voyage, bbs.

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