Travel Accessories That’ll Make Traveling About a Million Times Better

When I first started traveling, I had a backpack and a camera and not much else. I wasn’t sure what I’d need, so I erred on the side of caution and bought everything I could. If it said “travel,” it was irresistible to me. Travel umbrella, travel bottles for lotion, travel pillows…it didn’t help that the items labeled “travel” were usually mini and so darn cute.

But now that I’ve been around the block (more than) a few times, I know what kind of items will make my travel life easier, and which ones I can leave on the store shelves. And when I come across genius new travel items, I can’t wait to share them with you guys. So, without further ado, I present to you my most recent favorite travel finds:

Speakeasy Travel Scarves: I love scarves as an easy way to add color or pattern to your travel wardrobe, not to mention the extra warmth they can provide on chilly days. But these ingenious scarves have a hidden zipper pocket to hold your passport, extra money, etc. I’ve never been one to wear a money belt; they always felt awkward and inconvenient. But this scarf seems like the perfect way to look chic and keep track of my valuables.

Tom Bihn Travel Tray: I’m the kind of traveler who is constantly checking my pockets to make sure I have my keys, phone, wallet, etc., so this little pop-up bag would definitely come in handy. I’d use it as a catchall in my hotel room, so I’d always know where my most important items were. I also love the idea of using it in the security line at the airport. It would be so much easier to just pull the drawstring and put the entire pouch in my bag instead of trying to shove every small item back into different pockets.

Inflatable Hoodie Pillow: In my article about travel quirks, I mentioned the fact that I hate when my head touches the airplane seat. It just creeps me out. Enter the Hoodie Pillow, the perfect solution to my problem. This inflatable neck pillow has an attached hoodie, making it perfect for people who share my airplane seat phobia. I’d love to never spend another flight craning my neck away from the seat back.

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Handbag: These Pacsafe bags are the perfect combination of fashion and security. I like that they’re available in a range of colors, and the classic styling means they won’t look outdated next year. But you can find a traditional purse anywhere. The real reason these bags rock is because of the security features like slash guards in the front, side and bottom panels; a shoulder strap that’s also slash proof; and an RFID-blocking pocket so identity thieves can’t scan and steal your info.

There you have it; my favorite new travel finds. Just an FYI: I wasn’t paid to promote these products; I just think they’re awesome travel accessories that I’d like to try out on my next adventure.

What items have made your travels easier?

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