Loving a trashy movie says something interesting about your intelligence

Ever found yourself defending your trashy movie tastes to self-proclaimed movie buffs? Well, you’re definitely not alone, and we can attest to the anxiety that is felt when having to tell folks that Sharknado lands in the number two spot of our most favorite movies of all time.


According to Refinery29, there’s no need to be shameful for our less-than-classy film picks! A research study in the Poetics journal proved that those of us with bad movie preferences are actually pretty smart. With “trashy films” being defined as cheap and poorly made movies that include embarrassing or disturbing content, the study involved participants filling out an online questionnaire, letting the researchers know why they find pleasure in watching the genre.


To our surprise, the majority of folks who enjoyed watching films of the trashier variety were well-educated and intelligent, and according to the study, these “cultural omnivores” are known to have a broad base of interest in an overwhelming variety of culture and entertainment!

And for the icing on the cake, when respondents ranked their top choices for the best terrible flicks of all time, Sharknado and its three sequels earned a well deserving spot amongst the films that cultural omnivores prefer to watch!


Take that, you pompous movie critics!

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